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Reef Kugies

06/09/2000 - 09/23/2009

Friendly. Helpful. Courageous.

Words from Classmates

-"He never made fun of anybody if they did something wrong, or accidentally said something wrong."

-"In third grade, he would always be all smiles."

-"He didn't rub anything in people's faces. If he got an award, he said, "Maybe you'll get one next time."

-"He liked to play handball a lot, and he was really good at it."

-"He was always competitive and he wasn't a bad sport, so he was always fun to play with."

-"He wasn't afraid to make someone else happy, when other people were afraid to walk up to somebody."

-"When I first came here, he just walked up to me and said, "Hello, my name is Reef. What's your name?" ... That just made my day."

-"He was never in my class, but I always thought he was one of the best friends in our class. He always helped everybody."

-"He was always nice to everybody, and I was proud to be his friend."

Reef Kugies

6/9/2000 - 9/23/2009


Reef Kugies, 9 years old, died suddenly following foot surgery on September 23, 2009 while recuperating at CHOC Hospital in Orange. Reef was born at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach on June 9, 2000. He attended Mariners School Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Reef was a joy to all who knew him. A smiling and warm-hearted boy, he was full of love for his parents, friends and family. He loved sports, especially football, and was an active participant with his friends as often as time and his family would allow. He loved to travel and loved his time at Catalina Island, Mexico and Hawaii.

Reef continually inspired others around with his enthusiasm. He made friends easily and shared his joy of living with all who knew him. Reef used former UCLA Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success as a guideline for living, sharing daily that message with those around him. Reef cared about everyone near and far, and put others feelings before his.

Reef loved his parents and brought joy to their being. He was continually thoughtful of their thoughts and needs, and tried every day to add to their happiness.

While Reef's stay on Earth was short, he will be loved and remembered forever by those who knew him. Reef loved the moon, and while our world is a little less bright with him gone, think of him often as you are gazing upon the sky. He will always be remembered and loved forever by those who knew him. His mom loved him more than anything else in the world, they were best friends.

Reef will always be in the memory of his mother, Jennifer Kugies & stepfather Matthew Smith, father Mike Kugies & stepmother Kimberly Franz, his grandparents Judy A Gibson, Jim & Georgette Hicks, Ursula & Manfred Kugies, and his uncles Jim Hicks and Steve Kugies.

A Memorial Service will be held on October 4th at 3:00 pm at the Environmental Nature Center located at: 1601 16th Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663 http://www.encenter.org/

The family kindly requests in lieu of flowers that donations are made to the Reef Kugies Memorial Fund set up in his honor at the Schools First Federal Credit Union whose mission is to honor students who exemplify the same traits that Reef lived by following former UCLA Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success . These checks can be mailed directly to the Reef Kugies Memorial Fund, 278 Cambridge Way, Newport Beach, CA 92660